How to Layer with 5 Simple Steps

Layering is in art-form in it's own right; it takes years of practice to master. The elements all must work together to create a balanced look. There are some steps you can take to get it right-

1. Do your research - Magazines, search online and observe how others are doing it. This process can often be a great source of inspiration.

2. Scour your wardrobe - Make a list of all possible pieces and combinations (you can often find great things in mum and dad's closet too!)

3. Layer your tops - Some tops have a v-neck, some round, some low, some high, play with combinations and see what works. Mixing stripes or prints with black or bold colours always works well. 

4. Outerwear is key - Jackets, Parka's, vests; these finish off your look so get it right!

5. Tunics - Are a great layering piece and mean you get away with not having to wear pants!

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