Malene Birger


                        MALENE BIRGER

Exquisite, lustrous and impeccably lavish; such rich words could only be used to describe the exclusive brand of Malene Birger. Having begun in only 2003 the growth of the enviable label has been paramount. Its journey only begun with 10 committed employees and grew to 100 staff generating sales in 42 countries. Such rapid growth can only be accredited to the remarkable exclusivity and unique quality of Malene Birger’s avant-garde collections. With a focus on bringing luxury and a refined style to a wide range of differing women across the world, Malene Birger’s vision is consistent in encouraging women to choose the life they want to live. Her collections communicate this through prompting us to believe that we deserve the very best of everything, and our style should reflect this philosophy.

An inspired individual, with an unwavering vision to offer the best in women’s wear, Malene Birger brings her touch of magic to every collection. She began paving the path to her label’s success in 1985, where she attended the prestigious Danish Design School. Birger further enhanced her skills when she worked for Jackpot by Carli Gry in 1989. Her talents did not go unnoticed; she then moved on to be appointed head designer of women’s wear at Marc O’Polo, Stockholm.

Every collection is indicative of Malene Birger’s high level of skill as well as her passion to create desirable pieces. From refined silhouettes, to the choice of fabrics and patterns, every element of her collections is well thought out to produce the very best in luxurious and chic garments. Her focus on catering to every woman’s styling needs has led her to create extensive collections with a range of conservative and edgy pieces. This cleverly encourages women to mix and match as they please, whilst promoting individuality and elegance.

This label is something to get excited about; finally, we can make a bold statement in Malene Birger garments that truly express our uniqueness. Embrace the beauty of self-expression as well as the alluring nature of an elegant, confident woman by slipping into this sumptuous label.





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