Twin Set



Who would have thought a fashion collection that combines comfort, femininity and sensuality could exist. It’s a combination we rarely hear in the same sentence, and it is nonetheless one that we consider to be impossible at times. It is Simona Barbieri’s brand, Twinset that offers us the answer. The brand’s high quality garments have adopted this focus, with each collection pleasantly surprising its female clientele by offering both comfort and impeccable style. Simona Barbieri demonstrates her passion for providing breathtaking fashion through ensuring that each collection is designed and created utilizing complex and detailed processes. This ensures the outcome is a garment that not only looks remarkable, but also remains in its original shape over time. Twinset’s attention to detail doesn’t end at the final stitch of a garment; they also maintain a strong focus on developing high quality techniques for printing and dyeing. Expectations of Twin-Set clothing are always met, if not exceeded; these clothes offer women exactly what they are looking for, with no element of style being sacrificed.

The woman behind the Twin-Set magic, Simona Barbieri translates her passion for creating feminine, sensual silhouettes into each collection. She steps outside the box and aims to create daring collections that incorporate colourful contrasts and unique twists on original styles. Her collections radiate sophistication and elegance without sacrificing her individuality. She is at the forefront of contemporary design and is consistently sensitive to the fashion needs of her female clientele, demonstrating the upmost dedication to developing flattering and unique pieces.





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