Unspoken DesignerUnspoken, expressed without uttering a single word, these designs speak for themselves. Formally known as ‘Tato & Memi,’ the Sydney based label’s original designs are more than deserving of the Unspoken brand name. The renaming is symbolic of the brand’s revamping and devotion to bringing us fabulous and fresh pieces. The dynamic duo, Marijana Golic and Tanya Emon are the connoisseurs behind each astonishing collection. In celebrating their fourth year, Unspoken shows no sign of slowing down. These talented designers are pioneering their way through the fashion industry with their capacity to communicate a refined style with a daring edge. They team elegant silhouettes with audacious embellishments to portray a look of sophistication with a bold attitude. The intricate detailing added to each piece has become the signature of these skilled designers. 
Marijana and Tanya’s fashion experience is as extensive as their far-reaching creativity. Marijana worked with the leading Australian designer Michael Bracewell, as well as ceasing opportunities in the UK to learn from high fashion London retailers. Tanya’s experience includes roles at fashion powerhouse, Prada and Australian fashion icon, Carla Zampatti. With a vast portfolio of experience, we can put our trust in these designers to develop innovative and enviable pieces. Unspoken speaks through patterns that project off the fabric, colours that illuminate the garment, and silhouettes that embrace the elegant, modern day woman. Entrancing shapes, bold prints, harmonious hues, and distinctive detailing leaves us speechless. Thus, we are captivated by the affect of Unspoken.





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