Kate Sylvester



Since the labels inception in 1993, the New Zealand designer; Kate Sylvester has produced distinctive collections. They emanate modern femininity and sophistication, with their own idiosyncratic edge. Like paint to a blank canvas they instantly uplift andcompliment the woman who wears them. The bold prints and sharp, tailored pieces come together to create an array of refined yet daring outfits that engender an image of elegance. Kate Sylvester’s ability to mix and match fashion trends and styles has aided the growth of her brand. She has been a regular feature at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and has attracted praise from Vogue,,, as well as significant interest from department stores. She draws influence from sportswearand casual pieces and creatively combines them with refined couture garments. 
Some of Sylvester’s most stunning pieces also carry influences of menswear, which has effectively created timeless pieces that women can easily incorporate into everyday and evening styles. Delve into a brand of luxury that encompasses class and refinement that reaches far beyond our view of the upper class, sophisticated woman. We so often turn our heads to an image of French champagne positioned in one hand, exquisite jewels dripping from a woman’s neck and a perfectly upholstered antique chair acting as the resting place for the woman who so wishes to be recognized for her upper class, perfection and sophistication. Instead, Kate Sylvester takes a new stance on this old stereotype, adding a sense of irreverence and cheek in her pieces. They are for the sophisticated woman who proudly carries herself with individuality and quirkiness, as well as an alluring personality that suggests she is more than what meets the eye. Release the quirky yet classy you, and speak the new language of sophistication with Kate Sylvester’s avant-garde collections.





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