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Low Luv


Renowned Texas born supermodel, Erin Wasson, draws us in with the release of her jewellery line, Low Luv. The Low Luv jewellery collection is an intriguing reflection of Wassons effortless bohemian style. It was Wasson's unique ‘free-spirited’ fashion choices which led her to act as a muse for fashion designers as well as helping to establish her as a fashion icon. When Wasson daringly ventured into design in 2009, her reputation for having laid back, eye-catching personal style generated a great deal of hype and paved the way to her success. 

The Low Luv pieces emanate an ancient and vintage feel, with some of the jewelry also encompassing an Aztec-style influence. The collection was designed to be diverse in complimenting both day and night fashion choices, reflecting Wasson’s passion for creating looks that don’t overdo it, and embracing the less is more philosophy. From faded jeans, to sophisticated attire, the jewelry is transferable across all outfits. The collection’s diversity makes it a great choice for women who love to take the stress out of decision-making. Low Luv gives off a vibe of tribal-chic originality, with sharp and edgy designs; these pieces are a fabulous finishing touch to any outfit.


Low Luv 2012
Low Luv Collection

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