M Missoni



The M missoni brand whilst carrying the prestigious reputation of the long established Missoni fashion house, presents us with its own individuality and style. M-Missoni was established in 1998, in order to offer a new generation of fashion lovers a more youthful version of Missoni. M-Missoni, owned by the Valentino fashion group, carries itself as a brand that caters to young independent women, who take pride in expressing their originality and are free from conformity. The lustrous M-Missoni collection aims to offer women something unique that steers away from their generic pre-conceptions of fashion. It’s for the young woman who wishes to stand out, but maintain her elegance and sophistication. 
Each collection inspires us with a broad array of vibrant colours and carefully planned patterns to bring us garments that are not only flattering, but also intriguing to admire. Eye catching colours flow into one another to create enchanting motifs that express the vibrancy and enthusiasm the brand brings to fashion. Queen of unique, the Missoni heir herself, Margherita Missoni takes pride in the release of each mesmerizing collection. Her ability to combine appropriately flattering cuts with patterns that shape the female body to perfection, has given her collections a daring edge. Having previously been a model for the high end Missoni brand, she understands the way in which clothes should flatter the female figure. She is also well versed in all things fashion making her a more than competent designer when it comes to the M missoni label. M missoni garments are a fabulous choice for brightening any wardrobe, they allow us to be daring and flirt with new and edgy designs, rather than the usual block colours so many of us are accustom to.





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