How To Spend A Sunny Day In Melbourne

I have to say I was very happy to have a weekend off. The weather was just amazing and I could feel spring was on its way on these days.

So after I had a look at the weather on my phone saturday morning, my friend and I decided to make the most of it by going to some different places in Melbourne.

We first decided to have a browse and some food at the Victoria Market in the city. My very first time and I was not disappointed. So many different things to see, from food to clothing and souvenirs. As soon as you enter the market, you can't help looking around and going back and forth not to miss anything. The place was so full, people everywhere buying fruits and vegetables, trying on a pair of sunglasses from one of those famous booths (I have to say I couldn't resist getting myself a pair !)

We ended up having some food in this little corner close to the main entrance. So many different types of food : Indian, Italian, Japanese ... And we couldn't leave the market without doing ourselves this favour : a hot jam donut from the white and blue van. They were just YUMMY !


After all this food, we decided do go towards Sydney Road in Brunswick. I like the atmosphere of this area. It's more grungy, with a punk and rock feel. I love it ! The street is full of bars and cafes, and warmth made us want to sit on a terrace with a nice coffee.

So we went to Toby's Estate. It's a lovely coffee shop off Sydney Road. A small outdoor with white wooden fences and a big indoor with a nice Italian grocery corner. From a coffee, my friend and I finally chose a milkshake !


I had such a lovely day, it was just great to relax and find new places to go for a sunny saturday.

I will sure find new places on my next sunny day off ! J.


(So sorry, some photos have not been taken by me as my camera got frozen !)


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Photo credit


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Sydney Road, Brunswick (Photo Lou Peroni)


 At Toby's Estate (Photo Lou Peroni)


 Toby's estate (Photo Credit

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