Winter, winter, winter ... What a great season to dress up with layers, keep ...

5 Amazing Rooftops For A Great Winter In Melbourne

Winter, winter, winter ... What a great season to dress up with layers, keep warm with a superb fireplace and go on a trip to the mountains for some snow action ! BUT, winter is also the season of night at 4pm, minus 10 degrees in the morning {and all day}, no sunny and warm getaways, and above all, laziness !

Don't panic, we found a way for you to have a nice, fun and unforgettable winter. We picked 5 of Melbourne's best rooftops for unique nights in the city that doesn't sleep ! Drinks, food, snacks, music, we tried a few places for you and came up with these great spots.

This year is your year to enjoy the cold season !



Located on Londsdale Street, Bomba is our top spot for great drinks and amazing food. Overlooking the city at night, the small but intimate rooftop is the one kind of place you can't but enjoy. Get yourself a glass of wine while your table downstairs is getting ready for you ...

The restaurant is located on the ground level. The same atmosphere leads the night and takes you to a trip to Spain and its fantastic little tapas restaurants. Start your meal with some croquetas, patatas bravas and an amazing jamón, then move to the main with Bomba's incredibly delicous Pedro Ximenez belly pork ... You won't regret your choice !

Bomba Bar, 103 Londsdale Street 3100 Melbourne

We advise to book a table as it gets busy at some times {rush hours are usually between 6/7pm and 9pm}.




If you haven't been to Naked For Satan yet, you are making a huge mistake ! This rooftop is one of the best of Melbourne ! Located in a large building on Brunswick Street, Naked includes different levels. You can start with a drink and a few tapas downstairs while waiting for the elevator to take you to hell {and heaven}.

The best part is yet to come. Once you get to the top, a long bar with unique cocktails is waiting for you. You will find the restaurant area, then an easy access to the outdoor. We definitely recommend you to go straight to the terrace as we think the restaurant is not the main attraction of the whole place.

Choose amongst a variety of 25 vodkas and cocktails and get yourself the best tapas ! The must haves ? Crumbed eggplants, cheese croquettes and pork/veal/almond meatballs ...

Naked For Satan, 285 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065

On the weekends, Naked gets very busy and access to the roof is difficult, we advise you to get there before 7:30pm. Otherwise, go straight to the elevator and register to get access to the top {usually 30 minutes wait to elevator} and have a drink downstairs until they call your name ...




Cookie is an exception as it is not an actual rooftop. Located on Swanston Street in the same building as the Toff In Town and Rooftop Bar & Cinema, Cookie is the go-to spot for great wines and fine food. Divided in two parts {one requires booking, the other one doesn't}, it is a very relaxed and intimate place with soft lights and a great staff always available for you.

If you are early and lucky enough, you can get a table on the balcony and overlook Swanston Street surrounded by trees. Enjoy a glass of Pinot and choose between a large selection of small, medium and large dishes to share {or not}.

Cookie, First Floor 252 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000

If you don't want to book a table, try to get there early enough to not wait too long as Cookie is busy all week.




Goldilocks' rooftop is pretty small, but very charming. Access this place through the elevator that leads you to a very 19th century atmosphere with leather sofas, old and intimate booths and a beautiful wooden bar.

How to spend the best night at Goldilocks ? Have a drink on the rooftop then move downstairs for a great and chilled out time with more drinks, and more food ...

Goldilocks, Level 4 264 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000

For an easy access to the rooftop, get there early on Friday and Saturday nights.




Same as Cookie, Arbory is not a rooftop bar. But can anything beat a drink along the river ? The Yarra River is one of Melbourne's best spot for a night out. The lights and places, the drinks and food are incredible !

Have a seat close to the water and enjoy a moment of peace. Arbory offers nice food, from burgers to smaller dishes to share. Open everyday until late, the kitchen is yours and you can order as much food and drinks as you want with no limits ! If you don't have enough of Arbory, keep in mind it opens at 7:30am for some great breakfast !

Arbory, Flinders Walk Melbourne 3000

Arbory is a very easy place, no need to book a table and no real rush hours. It's open 7 days from 7:30am til late, everyday of the year.

When we hear fashion, two countries come to our mind : France and Italy. Fine ...

Exclusive In Store : M-Missoni Winter 15

When we hear fashion, two countries come to our mind : France and Italy. Fine materials, talented designers, instigators of fashion for a free woman ...

When we hear Italian fashion, we think leather, shoes, savoir-faire. But we also think Missoni.

Missoni is one (or THE one) of the most creative and out of the box high end designers. Founded in 1953 in Varese, Italy by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the company is nowadays known for its colourful knitwear and zig zag patents.

Right at the cutting edge of fashion, Tai (Ottavio) and Rosita set up a knitwear shop in the sixties, at the best moment of a real obsession for jumpers and fine knits women loved to pair with their mini skirts.

60 years later, Missoni still influences the contemporary lifestyle, now thanks to their new Home line.

In 1998 is launched M-Missoni, a younger and sophisticated line of fashion pieces for independent women who like the mother brand, Missoni.

At Oscar & Wild we pride ourselves to stock the best of Australian and international fashion labels, and feel privileged to offer our clientele a rare and unique collection of high end pieces with M-Missoni.

In order to keep it exclusive and uncommon, we have selected a small amount of styles and items, as we want our customers to be as unique as M-Missoni.

Cardigans, knits, skirts and dresses are part of this Winter's collection we have selected for you as an exclusivity in our stores. As to remain this unique, the collection will only be available in store ...


Fore more info call us on (03) 9853 8887 or (03) 9939 4841

M Missoni is available at our Kew and Camberwell stores.


We always want to make sure we bring the latest fashion trends and styles, and ...

Street Looks : What All Girls Were Wearing At The Latest Fashion Week

We always want to make sure we bring the latest fashion trends and styles, and to do so, we have our everyday routine. Weekday {early} mornings are dedicated to googling and exploring fashion magazines to find the real trends of this Winter 2015.

From US to French papers, we found one subject we cannot avoid talking about : the Fashion Week. Was was to noticed {more than runways} is these statement and must have pieces all fashionistas were wearing. Whether it is a beanie, a pair of sneakers or a jumper, they all had the ONE trend on.

Here's the list of our winter must haves ...

Source : GlamourParis Magazine


1) Adidas Superstar

After the popular Stan Smith come Superstar. These sneakers were seen on most bloggers and are this winter's super trend. The kick style is still going on !


2) Fringes

This coming season is all about a 70's revival and we cannot miss the main trend : fringes. Jacket, accessories, boots ..., leather or suede, long or short, fringes give this hippie twist to a neutral look.


3) Denim & Chamois

Another trend from the 70's is the mix of denim and chamois leather. Pair flare jeans with a chamois suit jacket and you're off to a new season back to these years of disco music ! It's an unmissable look for this coming spring ...


4) Flare Jeans

Flare denims are back on trend and designers have understood the real potential of this must have piece. Seen on most runways, flare jeans will remain a basic for the next seasons. Easy to pair with leather sandals and a camisole in summer or boots and a leather jacket in winter, they are the new skinny jeans ...


5) A colourful Coat

A new way to not see winter in black and grey !  A colourful coat is the best piece to brighten up any outfit this season. To forget about the cold, get a coloured coat !


6) Ankle Jeans 

We don not make any difference between winter and summer when it comes to denims. Don't be scared to show your ankles with a nice pair of ankle boots in winter, it is the most feminine look you could get. Wear it high, crop and pair it with flat or heeled boots.


7) Maxi Hood

Winter can be so cold we need to keep warm. Nothing beats a great coat with a massive hood ! Rain or snow, not one thing will get through a warm and big hood.

This season has been one of our most exciting and favourite ...

Designer Crush {By Malene Birger}

This season has been one of our most exciting and favourite seasons since the last 3 years ! Every single of our brands has brought to us the best of fashion with quality, stylish pieces, structure, femininity and chic.

This Winter 15 is also for us the opportunity to discover new labels and get involved in bigger collections.

One of the greatest surprises we've had is our now favourite brand By Malene Birger. Danish designer launched her first collection in 2003 and offers contemporary classics she created with passion and love. Birger's dress sense led her to create essential and timeless pieces for every woman. Her european inspiration is the key to her success.

With a distribution in more than 40 countries, By Malene Birger has become an unmissable label all celebrities and bloggers die for. Her Winter 15 campaign is presented by model Freja Beha Erichsen.


By Malene Birger Winter 15 is now available in store and online at Call us on (03)9853 8887 or (03)9939 4841 for more info.

We are slowly getting into our winter collections and all we ...

Winter 15 : It's All About Chic {Contrasts}

We are slowly getting into our winter collections and all we can say is it's all about colour contrasts. Fashion teaches us never to wear more than three colours on the same outfit {or we would look like Christmas Trees}.

Our opinion is nothing looks better than a two colour combo. The chic is to mix black and white, tones of greys, white and grey .... and so on. Why dark colours only ? Why not wear olive green with white and burgundy ? You can definitely mix the tones you want and create a great outfit as long as all colours are mixed properly. 

Dark means chic, timeless and structured, everyone can wear black or grey. These colours are flattering and very classic. Get some inspiration with the best looks worldwide ...


Source Pinterest


2015 is more than ever the year of fashion blogs. In 2014 ...

Fashion Blogs : Who To Follow ?

2015 is more than ever the year of fashion blogs. In 2014, 48.7 million new posts were published every month by hundreds/thousands of bloggers ! It makes it pretty hard to know who to follow, what to trust, which one to associate to our taste and personality.

Fashion bloggers have a big influence on the world nowadays. They are followed by millions of people and work for the best of Haute Couture brands. Follow a blogger is not an easy thing, it's like finding the right magazine to get inspiration from.

We all have different looks, ways to dress and think, and every single fashion blogger is a bit of who we are.

Wether you are girly, casual, chic, mature, young, edgy ..., you can find the perfect blog. And you can even start one !

As the fashion world has become pretty complex, we went through hundreds of blogs for you and picked the 10 best girls to follow, each one of them with a different personality and look.

Enjoy the trip and we hope these girls will give you as much inspiration as they do for us !



Chiara Ferragni is Italian and launched The Blonde Salad in 2009, at the very beginning of blogs craziness. She started developing blog posts about her looks, outfits and expressed herself through pages. The young woman is now one of the most influent fashion bloggers worldwide and collaborates with many magazines and Fashion Houses. She's also the creative director of her own shoe and jewellery lines.

Chiara is a chameleon. She can be very casual as very feminine. Most her wardrobe comes from high end fashion brands such as Valentino, Hermes, Chanel, Proenza Schouler ... and other trendy labels like Jbrand, Anine Bing, Senso ...



Based in Los Angeles, Julie is a Mexican-American young woman who expresses herself through her travels and looks.  She created Sincerely Jules in 2009 and her daily life is the perfect California lifestyle. Julie has launched her label Sincerely Jules, a range of casual printed tee shirts and knits now very popular worldwide. Her most famous piece is her Celfie Tee.

Julie's look is very easy going, wether she wears casual pieces or a fitted dress. She adds a touch of femininity to her outfits with some statement jewellery. Jules is a very easy going girl we all want as our best friend !


Betty is a very Parisian girl born and raised in the city of fashion. She launched her blog in 2007, long time before blog were trendy and hasn't stopped since. Betty's looks are always very feminine and she likes to add a touch of craziness with some bright colours, unusual shapes or a pair of unique sunnies.

She collaborates with many brands as a model or designer and has just moved to LA to continue the story of Le Blog De Betty.


Aimee is one of of the pioneers of fashion blogs. This LA based blogger is a must follow for high end looks. Song Of Style is a feminine and chic blog, getting inspiration from Parisian looks and California lifestyle.

Aimee shares her travels, outfits and interior design favourites.


This London based beach girl from Munich is one of the most subtle and versatile bloggers in the fashion sphere. She varies her looks from casual chic to structured in an impressive way. Her looks change around a winning combo : grey, black, white and beige. Mija's look is about timeless pieces and about quality more than quantity.

She has collaborated with Zara on a range of tee shirts and her motto is called minimalism.


Follow this cool Sydneysider around the world and get the best of feminine looks. Jessica shares her travels and outfits through different countries and cities. Tuula Vintage is a lot about a hippie lifestyle with the most stylish pieces. Jessica is an easy going girl who enjoys to mix nature, landscapes and amazing places with the way she dresses.


Mid 20's Negin is an Amsterdam based full time blogger who travels the world for her many collaboration with cosmetic brands and other fashion labels. Negin's looks are all about structured and timeless pieces with a real touch of femininity. Her strength is her make up, always perfect and very natural, then her beautiful long hair which is part of her personality.

Follow Negin on Instagram where she's always up to date and shares her everyday life with friends, shopping and work.


Based in Perth, Jiawa is a lawyer by day and a full time blogger. Her motto is all about "less is more" and minimalism. Her looks are as feminine as casual and she has this gift of being able to find unusual but perfect pieces we all want.

Jiawa turns an old fashioned piece to a complete must have !


Amanda is an Australian contemporary artist who launched her blog 3 years ago. She mixes her artistic personality with fashion and created her own style. Her look could be compared to a Parisian girl style : structured pieces, black, grey, white and always feminine.

Amanda is also a professional photographer and illustrator.


Stephanie is this kind of French curvy girl we all want to be like ! This mother of a 2 year old knows what fits her and knows how to brighten up her looks. She's a great example for all curvy girls around the world and perfectly shows what to wear and how to be pretty and stylish.



Melbourne = coffee shops overload. There are so many places to enjoy a good ...

Our 7 Best Breakfast Spots In Melbourne

Melbourne = coffee shops overload. There are so many places to enjoy a good coffee and some nice food we get completely confused. One suburb includes more than 100 coffee shops and restaurants ! How to not get lost ?

The thing we hate is spend hours walking in the streets, looking at menus, going back and forth and never knowing where we want to go. Time goes and after an hour, we are still here, starving and desperately in need of a coffee.

We know this feeling too well and want to help you a bit with 7 of our favourite spots. From St Kilda to Brunswick, discover the best of Melbourne coffees and foods, and the most unique decors and atmospheres ! 


1) MASTIC, Kew

Mastic opened a month or so ago and belongs to Hellenic Republic, George Calombaris' Master Chef judge restaurant. This little cafe is a definite must go for its industrial and warm decoration ! As breakfast, Mastic's granola is a pure obsession with a mix of cereals, grains and a smooth yogurt. Get yourself a cappuccino for the soft foam and delightful taste of it in one of their design and cute little cups.

Mastic, 26 Cotham Road, Kew 3101


2) JOURNEYMAN, Chapel Street

Chapel Street is basically one of our favourite ever spots for food. There is always a nice place to go that will leave us speechless for either decoration or taste. Journeyman has got everything !

We fell in love with the industrial deco (again) and love this cool atmosphere with big long tables everyone can share.

Order a Crispy Pork Croquette from the breakfast menu : two pieces of pork on toasted muffins with hollandaise sauce. Yum !

Journeyman, 169 Chapel Street, Windsor 3181



Galleon has got everything : a cute 60/70's atmosphere, great food and drinks, perfect location near the ocean. On a sunny warm day, have a seat outside and enjoy the sunlight with some fresh milkshake.

Our breakfast combo : caramel milkshake and smoked salmon and avocado bagel. Just perfect !

Galleon cafe, 9 Carlisle Street, St Kilda 3182


4) DEAD MAN ESPRESSO, South Melbourne

South Melbourne is a very peaceful, relaxed suburb of Melbourne. A nice day in South Melbourne goes with a walk through the market, some good shopping and a breakfast/lunch at Dead Man Espresso. Located off Clarendon Street, Dead Man found the perfect location : quiet and sunny.

Wether you seat in or outside, you will be amazed by the atmosphere and decor. Cappuccino, latte, strong coffee, every drink tastes amazing ! For a late breaky, try the green pancakes, a delicious mix of veggies with poached eggs and salmon.

Dead Man Espresso, 35 Market Street, South Melbourne 3205


5) Beaver's Tail Social Club, St Kilda

Owned by a lovely couple, Beaver's Tail is a must-go spot in St Kilda. Locals like to have a coffee/breakfast before work and lunch on a full work day, and tourists are always delighted to grab a latte before a long going around day.

Everyone knows Beaver's Tail in St Kilda for the couple's warmth and kindness but also for their great coffee and food. Our top 2 food : their special pastries and chicken/avocado sandwiches. 

Beaver's Tail Social Club, 160 Barkly Street, St Kilda 3182



This very industrial place is located right at the heart of Brunswick, close to Sydney Road and its live concert pubs. This big black box looking like a depot hides a huge space filled with long wooden tables and a very muted atmosphere. Coffees are a real delight and the house made crumpets with vanilla syrup take you to heaven !

Code Black Coffee, 15/17 Weston Street, Brunswick 3056



Rue De Creperie is this kind of shop that brings many memories back to your mind : the smell of hot crepes getting cooked, the childish decoration with cute drawings on the walls ... This new tiny little shop in Fitzroy will soon be your favourite spot for a Saturday breakfast or your weekly dinner out.

For some perfect sweetness, we suggest you to try the Wicked Snickers and Thailand crepes. Coconut, banana, caramel, vanilla ice cream ..., all the best of ingredients are mixed together for the best ever taste in your mouth.

Rue De Creperie, 360 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

It's been a few seasons now the Californian lifestyle is a must trend. On the ...

Summer 15 Trend : California Style

It's been a few seasons now the Californian lifestyle is a must trend. On the fashion side, designers create a real summer look with a West Coast inspiration. But was is the Californian style ?

It is a mix of different looks : casual, feminine, comfortable, soft, light. Summer is the season we do not want to be bothered wearing too many pieces, too many colours, too many materials. A proper summer look is easy and chic. How to get inspiration for a great outfit ? A west coast look needs a lace top, a white dress, denim shorts, a maxi dress, fringes, light colours, ankle boots and a hat.

Here are a few LA based bloggers you can follow to get inspired :

- Sincerely Jules

- Anine Bing

- Song Of Style

- Damsel In Dior

Need more ? Scroll down for the best of this summer 15 looks and shop the trend from Oscar & Wild and O&W !


All photo sources Pinterest and Google Images

What to Shop at Oscar & Wild for a perfect California outfit ?

Johnny Was Blouse $319,95

 BCBG Max Azria Neda Blouse $208

 BCBG Max Azria Reginah Lace Top $260

 Maud Dainty Laila Blouse $169

 BCBGeneration Ruffle Skirt $89

 Jbrand Maria High Rise Skinny Jeans In Blanc $259,95



Last year Oscar & Wild boutiques welcomed their little brother : O&W by Oscar & Wild. O&W is ...

House & Home : A Brand New World

Last year Oscar & Wild boutiques welcomed their little brother : O&W by Oscar & Wild. O&W is a new concept store mixing homewares, furniture and fashion. We are proud to curate the most unique pieces from the best of Australian and international designers.

O&W is the go-to boutique for great homeware products such as candles, cushions, throws, ornaments ... Our passion for home decor leads us to travel the world and find different, cool brands with passionate and talented owners. We dedicate ourselves to giving you our best with some fantastic products.

Need some inspiration ? Call us or visit us online, or just scroll down and find out what our favourite design home decors are.



2014 is now coming to an end ... We all had our ups and downs this year but ...

NYE 2015 : Get The {Look}

2014 is now coming to an end ... We all had our ups and downs this year but we will never forget these 12 months we lived. Now it's time to party and celebrate this new time coming !

So what's on for the 31st ? Before we think of the night and fun we'll have, we need to think of our outfit ! Ladies, we've got you covered this week with our best party pieces. Sparkles, sequins, black, white ..., a lot of unique outfits are waiting for you in our stores.

In need of some inspiration ? Let's have a look at the best party outfits and some of our best pieces we selected for you.

Don't forget to visit us in store and online at :)


Oscar & Wild and O&W want to wish you all  fantastic end of year and a Happy New Year 2015. Let it be unexpected, filled with joy, love and surprises !


Statement Materials

 Photo Credit : Le Blog De Betty

 Isabel Marant Shiny Pants

 Our Alternative : BCBG Sequin Leggings

 Saint laurent Boyish Look

 Our Alternative : Tibi Bibelot Blouse

 Penny Black Ligustro Black Pants

 Proenza Schouler Silver/White Maxi Skirt

 Our Alternative : BCBGeneration Pleated Wrap Skirt


All items available in store and online at


Photo Credit : David Jones


Christmas is this time of year we take to remind ourselves family and friends are ...

Christmas 2014 {The Best Campaigns}

Christmas is this time of year we take to remind ourselves family and friends are important and a part of our lives. It is also a time to share, forgive, love, give and laugh. What feeling is better than to see a smile on your beloved ones' faces when they open your gifts ?

All around the world Christmas is advertised by many brands, boutiques, shopping centres ... to remind you it's time to get the best of all presents ! Every year all these companies work hard to make you dream and travel with their new campaigns and most the time, well, it works !

With Christmas, we allow ourselves to imagine, be in another world, fly, dream of something different. Well it's Santa's month right ? We went through a lot of campaigns to find the ones that make us believe in magic.

From fashion to shopping centres windows, here's our top favourite 2014 Christmas campaigns ...


Oscar & Wild team wishes you all a fantastic Christmas Day and Eve filled with love, laughters, joy and sharing.


Galeries Lafayette, Paris FRANCE



Myer Christmas Window, AUSTRALIA



Printemps Campaign 2014, FRANCE 


Tiffany & Co, USA 


Naf Naf Fashion Campaign, FRANCE



Molton Brown London Campaign


Burberry 2014 Campaign


Burberry 2014 Campaign



Today more than ever, we have to be aware of the world's uneasiness. Technology, money, business ..., they turned ...

Patrizia Pepe Does It For A Good Cause

Today more than ever, we have to be aware of the world's uneasiness. Technology, money, business ..., they turned us into selfish, self-centered, unconscious people. The more money we get, the less other countries have.

In a world we should all have everything we need and not be missing a thing, millions of people die of starvation, diseases, illness, bad physical condition. It is important to turn around and be aware of what's happening in 2014.

Doing a good thing for people in need is one step out of a billion to help our world feel better.


This year, Patrizia Pepe, one of our best sellers in store has decided to offer its support to Doctors Without Borders. The brand will be allocating the Christmas gifts fund to the organisation's life-saving action in South Sudan which has among the highest mother and child mortality rates in the world. The aim of the action is to reduce infant mortality through free, high quality mother and child care. Patrizia Pepe's contribution will have a significant impact on the beneficiaries of the DWB's medical action.

- 12500 children will be vaccinated against measles, currently the leading cause, along with malnutrition, of mortality among children under the age of 5

- 100 expectant mothers will be able to give birth safely and save their child, through the purchase of medical kits containing medical instruments and supplies

- 37 severely malnourished children will benefit from a comprehensive life-saving treatment based on ready-to-use therapeutic food

- It will be possible to purchase a water purification kit , for a total of over 7000 litres of water, an essential means of preventing the spread of contagious and life-threatening diseases.


We are proud to support Patrizia Pepe in this gesture.

Make something count, help others.



As it is Autumn in the other side of the world, it gets pretty obvious for us ...

One Day, One Brand {Penny Black}

As it is Autumn in the other side of the world, it gets pretty obvious for us to start getting our new Fall/Winter collections. Summer is still not here, but we are already very excited to see what Winter 2015 has brought to us in terms of fashion and trends.

About two seasons ago we discovered a great Italian brand now known worldwide : Penny Black. Founded in 1978, Penny Black is now one of the most popular women fashion brands in Italy.

The brand focuses on high quality garments, and is seeking a sophisticated but easy-to-wear style.

Chic and feminine, each collections reflects the European woman as she is and brightens up any figure.


Here for you ladies is a small peak at what Oscar & Wild has selected for you this Fall.




More to see at our Kew and Camberwell boutiques

Weekends are always a good time to go for a little escapade. We all need this kind of ...

Weekend Escapade : Phillip Island

Weekends are always a good time to go for a little escapade. We all need this kind of moment, away from work, daily life and more than everything else, away from a busy city.

Phillip Island is the one place to go for two main reasons : only 2 hours away from Melbourne (which is perfect if you don't want to go too far) and the landscape and town make you feel like you are in another country.

This quiet little island is a peaceful area, close to beautiful surfer beaches and the wildlife. But as it is a pretty small place, what are the interesting things to do ? Where are the nice spots to go ?


Here's what you can do in a two days time :

The town is not very big, so there is obviously not a lot of restaurants and coffee shops. But you'll see there are a few in Cowes (north of the island). The Hotel is basically the main place as it is a restaurant, pub and it welcomes live bands and DJs on Saturday nights.

Mad Cowes Cafe is a lovely place to go for a nice breakfast. Close to the beach, it is a relaxing spot with good coffee.

If you want to move a little bit around, definitely go to Smiths and Surfer Beaches. They are the one place for ocean lovers. A beautiful view and a great area if you want to take nice photos.

Don't miss the Koala Wildlife Park. You will see koalas in their natural environment and can approach them (but can't touch them). We felt like kids being so close to these little animals !

Also go to the Seal Rocks, you will get a chance to see these big seals living there, such a nice moment.

And obviously, go see the Penguins Parade ! It is the main attraction of Phillip Island. At 7:30pm, these lovely animals go out and walk through the beach. An amazing spectacle we didn't get a chance to do this time.

But our next trip to Phillip Island will start with it !

Then on your way back, stop at Wolamai beach. A stunning and breathtaking beach with an incredible view !


Enjoy our trip with us with these photos we were happy to take home and feel free to share your trip to Phillip Island with us !


All photos are Oscar & Wild property and may not be used or copied.




The animal print has been a huge trend for the last 4 seasons and ...

What's New : Animal Print

The animal print has been a huge trend for the last 4 seasons and it's going to be a part of our wardrobe for a while longer !

The thing with this print is it can get very tricky. A bit too much and you look like you just got out of the jungle ! So it is all about being subtle and delicate.

What we suggest is a little touch of this print, whatever your favorite is : zebra, leopard, giraffe, snake ... Play with patterns and fabrics, and add a touch of fun with a printed scarf, bag, shoes ... It is always easier with accessories.

When it comes to clothing, try to not go too out there. Prefer a simple black knit with animal print sleeves, or if you want to get the real animal spirit, choose to go for a full print but neutral colours.


Here are a few outfit ideas for you ladies and some of our favorite products available at our stores.



C&C California Knit Available At O&W



Status Anxiety Law Of The Wild Bag Cheetah Available At O&W


BCBG Max Azria Tullum Top Available At Our Kew Store


 Black Halo Printed Jumpsuit

If there is a fashion designer we are literally obsessed with, it's Isabel Marant. This French ...

Designer Focus : Isabel Marant Summer 15

If there is a fashion designer we are literally obsessed with, it's Isabel Marant. This French designer who started her brand in 1990 has developed an incredible range of statement pieces all bloggers and fashion lovers die for : her platform sneakers, suede boots, big chunky coats ... and much more !

Isabel Marant is one of these few designers who offer basic pieces we want to wear everyday for the rest of our life ! She know exactly the trends and always finds the right fabrics and colours for each season.

We've picked our favorite looks for Summer 15 and are already dying to get them ...


We are getting to the end of this year's Spring Carnival and we have to say it has been epic. Despite a terrible weather on Derby Day, the rest ...

Melbourne Cup Day : We Were There

We are getting to the end of this year's Spring Carnival and we have to say it has been epic. Despite a terrible weather on Derby Day, the rest of the week was absolutely fantastic. For different reasons we only attended Melbourne Cup this year, but we are actually happy we got a chance to go, even though it was the only day.

Melbourne Cup day was, as it is every single year, a fantastic event filled with the most beautiful outfits and located on the amazing Flemington racecourse.

We booked tickets for General Admission as we wanted to be as close to the track as possible to feel and enjoy the races. The main race went really fast but was incredibly intense. Everyone felt so involved, screaming and supporting each horse.

The day never ends too late, and we were pretty happy to leave after the race as it is an exhausting day to stand on heels and under the sun !

We took a few photos and videos and we hope you enjoy them as we did on the track !


We have been very sorry to hear two of the most amazing horses have died on that day. RIP to the favorite Admire Rakti and beautiful Araldo.



We have everything in this world to tell us what/who to follow. But fashion is not all ...

Fashion : See The Difference {5 Looks, 5 Countries}

We have everything in this world to tell us what/who to follow. But fashion is not all about what you see, it's about what suits you, where you come from ...

You will notice fashion varies on the country you live in. Trends change every season, nothing is ever the same month to month, but it is even more obvious when you travel. We all have our own taste, even though we like to follow the latest magazines, designers ... Some pieces we like don't suit our figure and we have to go for something else, something that will highlight our body, our face, our look.

There is one thing that will always beat worldwide designers and magazines : culture. Every country has they own culture and this is where fashion comes from. You will notice looks are completely different wether you are in New York, Los Angeles or Buenos Aires. As we do not all get the chance to travel the world full time, go on the Internet and browse, it's interesting to see who wears what and where.


The world is made of more than 150 countries. As hard as it gets to find a look for each country, we have picked the 5 most influent cities/countries in fashion with 5 looks to make you feel how big the difference can be.

Follow what YOU like, not what people tell you to like.



French look is very dark. French women mix a lot grey, black and white and their look is always very subtle. They don't show too much, but always chose the right piece that will flatter their bodyshape no matter what.





The London look is sometimes out there. Londoners like to mix colours, fabrics, prints and shapes. It can look funny and weird, but they know exactly what they do and the final outfit is always a great look. London people have their own taste and make fashion their own way, you will never see one person wearing the same knit as another one and that's the thing with this city : uniqueness.



Los Angeles, USA

In LA it's 30 degrees pretty much all the time so it gets tricky to dress for winter (but they do have a winter). Summer look is is the best to see the difference with other countries. The West Coast is a lot into a gypsy, hippie lifestyle and fashion naturally follows this life.



Buenos Aires, BRAZIL

Buenos Aires is the 'caliente' city. Brazilians love to dress up and show their perfect figure. They are very feminine and know what to wear, with a mix of colours and shapes. They do keep a latin and relax look, with a bit of hippie influence.



Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Melbournian women are very trendy. They follow the latest magazines but know what to wear and when. The one thing with Melbourne fashion is colours and shapes. Most melbourne girls want to stand out and wear bright colours with fitted dresses or tops. They always keep a very feminine look and brighten up their pieces with make up.


Ok ladies, two of the most important events of the year are coming very soon. We are ...

Friday Topic : Spring Racing Carnival

Ok ladies, two of the most important events of the year are coming very soon. We are obviously talking about Derby Day and Melbourne Cup.

These two days are a real tradition in Victoria and it's almost impossible to miss them. We wrote a few posts about the Races and how to dress up for the event, but as a lot of new great things have arrived at both our Kew and Camberwell stores and O&W, we thought it was a good idea to give you an update of what you can wear.

We know a few of you ladies are pretty late and still don't have an outfit. Don't worry, there is always time to find the perfect look !


Now here are 6 pieces for both Derby Day and Melbourne Cup. Enjoy and we hope you like our styles !


Check out our boutiques for more dresses and accessories.



BCBGeneration Tulip dress $119,95


 Ginger & Smart Anodize Jumpsuit $799



BCBG Max Azria Loriana Dress $353





Ginger & Smart Rosy Rapture Dress $629


Lucidez Belmiro African Print Dress $289,95


BCBG Max Azria Baylee Dress $392

Melbourne is known as one of the best cities in the world for art. Everywhere in the streets is ...

A Touch Of Art {What To See In Melbourne}

Melbourne is known as one of the best cities in the world for art. Everywhere in the streets is always a touch of art, in anything you might see.

From exhibitions to street art, Melbourne is filled with amazing things to do and see everyday. With summer coming, a lot of events are scheduled until February or March and give you the opportunity to go through the city and discover new and old art.


But with all these exhibitions taking places at the same time and in many different spaces it is hard not to get lost. We have selected 5 must go events open until the end of November. Don't miss out and save some time for a little trip around the city ! 



In this series, Melbourne artist focuses on concepts of love and sex. Figures are portrayed in bursts of intuitive patterns, limbs are entangled in sprays of colour and movement. Christopher Jewitt presents an epic suite of large scale paintings including a 10m work.

Exhibited at Eckersley's Art and Craft Store from 10/11/14 to 17/11/14

97 Franklin Street, 3000 MELBOURNE



Street artist Rone returns to Melbourne for his first solo exhibition in over two years. Lumen includes eleven large-scale portraits inside and outside of the gallery.

The space - an abandoned office building slated for demolition - has been transformed into a black canvas for the artist to take over. Internally, the artworks will be brought to life by lighting designer John McKissock.

Exhibited at Nauru House from 24/10/14 to 09/11/14

109 Little Collins Street, 3000 MELBOURNE



Dancing With Death was influenced by artist Rehgan De Mather's recent travels to Mexico and South America, including the Day Of The Death and Carnival.

Opening nights features a performance by contemporary dancer Kelly Way and includes the book launch for Dancing With Death, a selection of studio shots and images documenting the progress and process of the new work.

Exhibited at Raglan Street Gallery from 30/10/14 to 09/11/14

Ground 14 Raglan Street, 51 NORTH MELBOURNE



The unconventional and playfully irreverent designs of Jean-Paul Gaultier will be celebrated in the first international exhibition dedicated to this groundbreaking French couturier.

The National gallery of Victoria will be the only Australian venue for The Fashion World Of Jean-Paul Gaultier : From The Sidewalk To The Catwalk, which will feature more than 140 superbly crafted garments in addition to photographs, sketches, stage costumes, excerpts from runway shows, film, television, concerts and dance shows.

This spectacular overview of Gaultier's oeuvre features the first dress created by the designer in 1971to his latest haute couture and ready-to-wear collections, costumes worn by Kylie Minogue and Beyonce, and haute couture dresses worn by Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett.

Exhibited at NGV International from 17/10/14 to 08/02/15

180 St Kilda Road, 3004 MELBOURNE



RMIT Gallery presents two important Aboriginal art exhibitions - Warlayirti : the Art of Balgo, and Garnkiny : Constellations of Meanings.

Warlayirti  : The Art of Balgo examines the aesthetic divergences and vibrancy that distinguishes the art of Balgo and the importance of Christianity to the Balgo community as a means of cross cultural communication.

Garnkiny : Constellations of Meanings includes works by Gija artists, both past and present, and explores aspects of the rich and significant story Garnkiny Ngarranggarni which takes place on Yarin Country in Darrajayin, between Warmun and Halls Creek, im Western Australia.

Exhibited at RMIT Gallery from 16/09/14 to 08/11/14

Gallery 344 Swanston Street, 3000 MELBOURNE


More than just a new piece in our wardrobe, what we are after is more subtle : a statement piece. We look at our ...

Statement Pieces With Ginger & Smart

More than just a new piece in our wardrobe, what we are after is more subtle : a statement piece. We look at our dressing area with pride (or not sometimes), counting all this amazing stuff we've been collecting for years in our travels and shopping days. We all get home with our shopping bags and this feeling of joy and relief : we've got what we wanted !

Today we want to step on the next level. We want to talk about a real statement piece, this piece you invest your money in but never regret it. So we could not miss one of our favorite brands, Ginger & Smart. We think it is the go-to label to find the one item we'll keep for years and years and years.

What impresses us with Ginger & Smart is these unique, delicate and gorgeous fabrics they use for each and every piece of their collections. From French lace to Italian cotton, every single fabric is selected to offer the best of comfort and luxe.


For our Spring/Summer 14 range, we have collected the most amazing and timeless dresses you will love to have in your wardrobe and wear at any of your upcoming events.


All dresses are available at our Camberwell and Kew stores and online at


Midnight Rose Gown Available At Our Camberwell Store


 Rosy Rapture Dress Available At Our Camberwell Store



Prophecy Gown Available At Our Kew Store 


Anodize Jumpsuit Available At Our Kew Store 

We were blown away when we first heard about Las Vegas Neon Museum. What is ...

This Place : Las Vegas Neon Museum

We were blown away when we first heard about Las Vegas Neon Museum. What is this place ? And why is it called a Neon Museum ? The reason is very simple : it features signs from old casinos and other businesses that were built in the city years ago.

The museum was founded in 1996 as a partnership between the Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada and the city of Las Vegas. It maintains twelve restored signs throughout Downtown Las Vegas. Important historical pieces in the boneyard include the signage from the Moulin Rouge Hotel, the Stardust, Desert Inn and Caesar Palace as well as many others.


It is always interesting to discover new unexpected places like the Neon Museum. If you get a chance to travel to the USA, do yourself a favour and go see this incredible spot in Nevada !


Source : Wikipedia

All photos were taken from Google Images




Last saturday we had a great Spring racing party at our Kew store. The shop was filled with ...

Spring Racing Party {How We Have Fun}

Last saturday we had a great Spring racing party at our Kew store. The shop was filled champagne, drinks, cupcakes, lollies and the best DJ in town was here to make us dance all day !

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know our customers and spend some time with them in a different way. Everyone was marvellous and it was such a good fun to have so many people in enjoying a great sunny afternoon with us.


We hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did and we'll see you next year for another fantastic relaxed shopping afternoon.

For the time being, keep shopping the best of international and Australian brands from both our Kew and Camberwell stores then O&W by Oscar & Wild.


Oscar & Wild and O&W want to thank Sussanah and her beautiful cakes (follow her on Instagram @susieskakekitchen), Minoo's Laser & Beauty Studio for the fantastic make up (follow their Facebook account at Minoo's Laser & Beauty Studio) and lovely Liz for our nice customers' nails !



We know  top 3 of fashion cities in the world is  New York, Paris and Milan. But what we ...

City Pick : Stockholm {City Of Fashion}

We know top 3 of fashion cities in the world is New York, Paris and Milan. But what we do not know is there are a lot more places where fashion gets to a high-end taste and style.

Out of these main cities, there is one we can not miss as fashion lovers : STOCKHOLM. This city of 2.2 million inhabitants and capital of Sweden is the go-to place for the best styles of the century. Once again, we are not talking about runways and new designers collections for the coming seasons, but about street style.

Stockholm is the kind of place where you won't find anyone looking the same. From colourful skirts to a full black outfit, every single person has their own style and is proud to show it. It is very interesting to look for new inspiration and get to something we would not expect. These guys mix prints, fabrics, winter and summer clothes ..., and it works amazingly !

It is finally this thing that will always blow us away : everybody dares be different. They all create their own style and are the most unique ans stylish people ever.


Next trip : Stockholm ! Scroll down this post and find out who wears what and how. From women to men, we have selected the coolest outfits of 2014. 


Source : Google Images,


Our executive buyer was on a business trip to New York to attend unmissable Coterie event . Coterie is a ...

Tuesday Focus - Paige Denim

Our executive buyer was on a business trip to New York to attend unmissable Coterie event. Coterie is a massive meeting for retail businesses : more than 1000 brands show their new collections to introduce who they are to new countries/cities and stock their products in new boutiques.

A lot of these labels are coming to O&W and Oscar & Wild soon, and one of the first ones that arrived is Paige Denim. Pretty popular in the US, this brand is quite new to us but we now understand why it is so loved by best bloggers and celebrities. Founder Paige Adams-Geller has created a unique denim brand for every women.

Paige Denim has this one thing : every single pair of jeans is made out of an incredible fabric that lives with you and doesn't stretch !


We couldn't wait to get ours, and on the top of it, we are even more excited to get what's to come next : denim jackets.


In store now at :

- O&W by Oscar & Wild Shop 3, 4-14 Walpole Street, 3101 KEW

- Oscar & Wild 167 High Street, 3101 KEW


Edgemont Skinny Jeans With Zips $319 At Our Kew Store


 Hoxton Skinny Jeans $279 At O&W


 Margot Black Skinny Jeans $269 At O&W


 Vermont Denim Jacket Coming Soon ...


With summer coming, there are a lot of weddings you know you will have ...

BCBG Max Azria : Top 5 Dresses For A Wedding

With summer coming, there are a lot of weddings you know you will have to attend. Weddings are that kind of tricky event when it is never easy to find the perfect dress. Some must be very formal and some others are more casual.

But for each, you need to get the one dress that will make you look gorgeous !

The cool thing with our two stores is you can find either casual or dressy pieces wether you go to Camberwell or Kew.


Our top brand for dresses is BCBG. They have a great range of gowns, short or knee length dresses, with many different fits for all figures.

If you are after a dress, here is our top 5 of the best pieces you can get from our stores.


KEW Store 167 High Street

CAMBERWELL Store 788 Burke Road

Shop online at


Simone Dress $353 At Our Camberwell Store


Alana Dress $260 At Our Kew Store


Dalia Dress $393 At Our Kew Store


Audrianna Gown $590 At Our Camberwell Store


Kail Gown $389,95 At Our Camberwell Store

 Photo Credit


As we did a few weeks ago for New York Fashion Week, we have selected the ...

Paris Fashion Week 2014 {Street Style}

As we did a few weeks ago for New York Fashion Week, we have selected the best looks of PFW this week. This year has been full of creativity, colours, new shapes ad new icons !

We are always real huge fans of street style looks as it gives us a lot of inspiration for our upcoming seasons, specially with European styles.

We know Paris is the city of fashion and this is definitely where you can find the best looks ever. Outfits are versatile, subtle and never over the top !

Europeans {and French usually} don't wear a lot of colours. They play with a lot of black, grey and white. This is what makes their look completely stylish and so simple. Black is the go-to colour for an easy outfit. What you have to know is how to make it stand out with the right accessories and pieces.


So here are a few black/white outfits from PFW. We hope it gives you as many ideas as it gives us for our next looks ...


Photo Credit


 Italian Blogger Chiara Ferragni

Photo Credit


 Model Off Duty

Photo Credit


 Photo Credit


 Photo Credit


 Photo Credit


 Model Off Duty

Photo Credit


 Photo Credit

Good morning ladies {and gentlemen ?} ! Are you as excited as we are about ...

On Trend {O&W By Oscar & Wild}

Good morning ladies {and gentlemen ?} ! Are you as excited as we are about those beautiful days coming ? We feel so happy to see Spring is finally here {for real} !

Spring and Summer always mean happiness, joy, good mood, beach, barbecues, days and nights out ... But what it means in the first place is SHOPPING and NEW WARDROBE ! The races are on their way and long days in the sun too. So we decided  to pick for you a few trendy pieces from our baby store O&W.


Cool homewares, awesome tops and dresses, accessories ... Because we think O&W has got everything you need to have a fantastic season. This is just a begining, a lot more is expecting to come in the next few weeks, amazing stock straight from the US.

Stay tuned not to miss out, follow us on Instagram {@owbyoscarwild} and Facebook {Oscar And Wild} for a daily update of our new stock.


O&W By Oscar & Wild

Shop 3, 4-14 Walpole Street

3101, KEW



If you follow us on Instagram, you must have noticed several pictures featuring a new brand we ...

We Love : Baum Und Pferdgarten {Copenhagen}

If you follow us on Instagram, you must have noticed several pictures featuring a new brand we just got in : Baum Und Pferdgarten. We are having a big crush on this Copenhagen based label founded in 1999 by friends Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave.

European brands have this thing different from others : subtle, structured, feminine yet comfortable {and casual} pieces. There is so much more we could say about European fashion. Baum is a mix of all these. They have this avant-garde sense of fashion and use it for their collections.


We have spent time finding the right pieces to get for both our Kew and Camberwell stores. As this label is new to us, we wanted to get the best outfits to make you stand out. From suit jackets to pencil skirts, we have made a selection of what fashion in Europe has best to offer.

Our favorite today : the suit. Feminine, flattering, boyish ... It's all you need.



Autumn/Winter 2014



Black Top and Pine Pants available at our Kew And Camberwell Stores



Top And Skirt Available At Our Camberwell Store (Black Version At Our Kew Store)



Jacket Available At Our Kew Store (Pine Version Available At our Camberwell Store)


More to see in store ...

 Photo Credit


2014 is more than ever the year of blogs. A new blog post is created every half a second, over ...

Blog Inspiration : Shine By Three

2014 is more than ever the year of blogs. A new blog post is created every half a second, over 175,000 new blog posts every day ! We often go through many different blogs to get inspiration as all bloggers have their own style and taste.

We already have our favorite : Sincerely Jules, Closet Voyage, Chiara Ferragni, Le Blog De Betty, Negin Mirsalehi, Mija Mija, Tuula Vintage ... and many others.

Today we are having a crush on this Australian blogger : Shine By Three. Founder Margaret Zhang is a young woman who lives in Sydney and works in many different industries : writer, stylist, photographer, creative director ..., she also collaborates with fashion sites and designers such as Net-a-Porter, Nike, Mulberry, Shopbop, Blackberry and more.

We love her fashion sense and the way she puts together different pieces to create her own look.

Her last blog post was featuring our Citizens Of Humanity boyfriend denims she was wearing with a leather skirt. Crazy, but so stylish.

Margaret is a really talented young woman with a lot of imagination and creativity. Check our her blog and get inspired !

All photo and blog post credit go to Shinebythree.


Check blog post at

 Photo Credit :


Races are on their way to us, and 2014 is going to be a crazy time ! We all know the one thing about the races is ...

Melbourne Cup {Best Outfits}

Races are on their way to us, and 2014 is going to be a crazy time ! We all know the one thing about the races is not only betting {we leave this with our husbands} but showing our best outfit.

It is always an overwhelming time of year to find the perfect unique gear that is going to make you stand out. You want to be unique and different from a crowd of 1000 other ladies trying to show their best profile at the races.

Here at Oscar & Wild, we have taken our time to find you some of the best dresses and fascinators you will wear for either Derby Day or Melbourne Cup. This year, you will be the smartest, most creative and beautiful lady of the races, we have absolutely no doubts about this !

Come by both our Kew and Camberwell stores to get your own and unique Cup gear, we are sure you will look amazing.


So for you today, we have selected some of the best outfits of last year's races : creative, smart, colourful, unique ... We are sure this will give you ideas to find and create your perfect matching dress and fascinator. Enjoy !


KEW Store

167 High Street


788 Burke Road


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :


Photo Credit :

We are getting very busy at both Oscar and O&W as a lot of new stock is coming from the USA and Europe. Many clothing pieces but also ...

What Is Summer 2014 All About ? : 5 Pieces You Need

We are getting very busy at both Oscar and O&W as a lot of new stock is coming from the USA and Europe. Many clothing pieces but also accessories and jewellery, all trendy and stylish for you to be the one Melbourne fashionista.

Today's post asks the right question : what is summer 2014 all about ? We are not talking about high end fashion {like Maison Martin Margiela, Chanel, Louis Vuitton ...} but about an every day trend. A lot of our brands show the best styles for the new season : fabric, colour, shape, structure ..., and more than anything, timeless pieces.

We all know that trends are short-lived, but we always surprise ourselves wearing the same top or shoes year after year. What we really wanted this year is to offer you the best pieces you will love to wear day after day and season after season.


So let's talk about the subject of the post. There are 5 items you have to have in your wardrobe this summer {and winter} : 

- a pair of jeans

- a blazer

- a casual top

- a dress

- a kimono

These 5 pieces will be your main outfits for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

But how to wear them ? It is more simple than you think. First of all, we all have a pair of jeans, whether they are skinny, straight leg or flare. We would basically advice a pair of skinny leg as it's fits every figure and it is the easiest to wear. Go for a medium dark wash as it is the one colour to wear all year.

Then comes the blazer. This piece will always finish an outfit and will give it structure and femininity, whatever other pieces you wear. Choose it black as a basic. Then get a white and/or a light coloured. It will be easier than a bright colour and you will never get bored. Do not think you can't wear a blazer in summer, you would be wrong. Pick a light fabric if you are not too sure, and you'll see you can't live without it.

Casual top : because you just need one. Get the colour you like best, just don't forget to keep it simple. And loose.

A dress : pick the one that will fit your figure and flatter your body. Maxi, mini, midi, loose or fitted, the choice is yours. Play with colours for summer and go subtle for winter.

Last but not least : the kimono. It is THE ONE piece of the summer. Perfect and timeless, you'll see you can wear it with anything, it works ! Find the right print and colour to match your skin. Then play with everything else : fringes, fabric, length ... So much to do around a kimono.


We have made a little selection of articles you can find at both Oscar and O&W. Enjoy, and come say hi !


Citizens Of Humanity Arielle Skinny Leg $329


 AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah Skinny Leg Contour 360 $299


 Baum Und Pferdgarten Tee White $129,95


 BCBG Max Azria Tee Earth $129


 Majestic Tee With Stripes $219,95


 BCBG Max Azria Suit Jacket Black $458


 BCBG Max Azria Suit Jacket Pine $353


 Baum Und Pferdgarten Suit Jacket Blue Combo $469,95


 BCBG Max Azria Summer Dress $479,95









At Oscar & Wild we discovered a new denim brand nearly a year ago : Citizens Of Humanity. This American label ...

Spotted : Citizens Of Humanity

At Oscar & Wild we discovered a new denim brand nearly a year ago : Citizens Of Humanity. This American label (but French designer) founded in 2003 is well known for its comfortable jeans with a rigorous commitment to cutting edge denim styling.

All celebrities around the world fell in love with Citizens Of Humanity and are often spotted wearing one of the latest denims of the brand.

Lately, paparazzi photographed Miranda Kerr, Poppy and Cara Delevingne and Lina Berg with their own CoH jeans on.


Citizens Of Humanity designs and produces more than one million pairs of jeans every year and is distributed in over 1300 retailers in more than 35 countries.

Oscar & Wild is proud to be one of them !


Walk in one of our stores and get your Citizens Of Humanity denims !


167 High Street, KEW

788 Burke Road, CAMBERWELL


 Poppy Delevingne in her Rocket high rise leatherette (in store)


 Miranda Kerr in her Rocket high rise black in Axel (in store)


 Cara Delevingne in her Rocket high rise leatherette in Camo (not available)


 Cara Delevingne in her Goldsign (not available)


 Lina Berg in her Corey boyfriend denim in Bourbon (sold out)

Today's post is about {fantastic} window shopping. Travelling in different countries and cities is the most interesting thing with ...

Bergdorf Goodman : The Most Beautiful Window Display

Today's post is about {fantastic} window shopping. Travelling in different countries and cities is the most interesting thing with shopping as trends are very different wether you go to Europe, America, Asia or Australia. Not only people have unique styles and taste but shops and shopping centres too.

Paris and New York are two great examples of how to show trends. If you go around Paris you will be amazed by Galeries Lafayette department store, a huge building with many levels showing thousands of national and international brands.

Then there is New York : Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf Goodman is the go-to department store for luxury goods. Prada, Gucci, Lanvin, Saint Laurent ... all of the best worldwide designers are at Bergdorf.

Located on the famous Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, the store was founded in 1899 as a tailor shop by Herman Bergdorf an immigrant from Alsace in France. Edwin Goodman, a young 23-year old American Jewish merchant moved to NYC and worked as an apprentice for Bergdorf. After two years Goodman raised enough money to purchase an interest in the business which was renamed Bergdorf Goodman in 1901.

In 1914 Bergdorf Goodman became the first couturier to introduce ready-to-wear, making the business a destination for American and French fashion.

The department store we know today was born.


Bergdorf's window displays are some of the best in the world because of their creativity, uniqueness, and because there is always a real idea behind the window. The store gets inspired by everyday life, TV, newspapers ... There is always a way to create an atmosphere from life.

September 2014 is : Women and Technology {that's what we think it might be. We are waiting for the September issue to know exactly what it's all about !}.


Check out Bergdorf's other displays at








Our executive buyer is currently in New York for a business trip and while working hard to bring you ...

Monday Food Review : David Burke Fabrick New York

Our executive buyer is currently in New York for a business trip and while working hard to bring you the best latest trends from LA and New York, she also allows herself a few treats !

Today she is sharing with us her experience at one of Big Apple's newest restaurants : David Burke Fabrick.

It is so hard finding a good coffee in New York so imagine our delight in finding not just Melbourne quality coffee but an amazing menu and great service to boot !

Try the Asparagus & Wild Mushroom Pappardelle with picked beech mushroom and mushroom duxelle, for the best home made Pappardelle you've ever had. The pasta is actually made with asparagus ! The Kale & Escarole Salad was a great accompanying dish and for the finale the most amazing apple pie ever. They bake it fresh just for you then serve it with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Friendly and attentive staff make this a delightful experience !


David Burke Fabrick, 45 West 38th Street, NYC.



Amazing ceiling and wooden + brick walls


Great mix of colors and materials


 The Asparagus Pappardelle and Kale & Escarole salad

If there was only one thing life would allow me to do I would chose travel. There is nothing more ...

9 Amazing Places In The World {You Have To See}

If there was only one thing life would allow me to do I would chose travel. There is nothing more incredible and enlightening than flying around the world.

It is crazy to see how many unreal places there is on Earth. I would love to take more time to travel and discover breathtaking landscapes and amazing cultures, I think this is one of the reasons why we are alive.

I went on a few trips in my life, but not as much as I want to. I still feel pretty lucky that I had the opportunity to leave my country and go see different places. But my little travels are nothing compare to what the world has to show us.


More than cities, what make a country's identity and history are landscapes. They tell you so much about this place you are discovering. Meeting lakes, mountains, hills, beaches, forests ... is such a reward and it makes you pride yourself on making this decision to pack your bags and go.

Why don't we all do this once in our lifetime ? Pick one place, pack our bags, book a ticket and off we go !


I've been through my own experience, what I know and the Internet {obviously !} to find 9 amazing places in the world I'd love to see {or have seen}.

I hope you'll love them too and that it'll give you some ideas about your next holidays :) J.



I have been living in Australia for 2 years and I still haven't been to the outback. I would die to drive a car on these endless roads and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Australia is one of the most amazing countries for its landscape. A place overwhelmed by the desert and its red surroundings. One of the most incredible places to see, a dream that comes true.


Photo Credit



It took me a while to find the perfect shot of the place I had in mind and dreams. And I think I did pretty well !

With harsch winters in most parts of the country, Canada is one of the most fantastic places to see for its outback. Lakes and forests are the main attraction in all territories as the trees and rivers make a a peaceful and relax landscape.


Photo Credit


3. USA

There would be so much to say about the United States Of America. The country is full of amazing places and landscapes, it would take a long time to see them all.

As an old country with a prominent history and culture, America is plentiful of mountains, hills and deserts.

This picture shows a fall in Tennessee overlooking hills and woods. As Colorado Mountains, this is a must see in this state.


Photo Credit



Located in South America, Peru is the third largest country in this part of the continent with a surface area of 1 285 220 km2.

The history of Peru started in 9000 BC and is well know for the Inca Empire.

If you get a chance to go to Peru, go see the Macchu Picchu {photo below}, a 15th-century Inca site located 2430 metres above sea level constructed during the period of two great Incas and that was abandoned 100 years later.


Photo Credit



With a population of over 1.35 billion, China is the most inhabited country in the world. 

The Chinese culture started from the 17th century BCE and is very popular for the Imperial dynasty that started 220 BCE.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in China is its mountains and rice growings.


Photo Credit



Located at the Southern end of America, Patagonia is a region shared by Argentina and Chile. 

I have to say I barely hear about Patagonia, wether it is in the news, in newspapers or on TV. But I fell in love with this amazing landscape and will book a ticket to go there someday !


Photo Credit



Morocco is a small country located in North Africa close to Algeria and Tunisia. It is a very warm and welcoming country full of a strong culture.

Marrakech is the go-to city to relax in luxury hotels and enjoy a massage whilst drinking some home-made green tea with mint leaves.

But there is one thing not to miss apart from a pure and white room with air con : the desert. Do yourself a favor and book a day trip in the desert with locals and discover this quiet and peaceful part of the country. Breathtaking !


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Switzerland is a very small country located in Europe at the border of France, Italy and Germany.

I am European, and I have never been to Switzerland ! What surprises me with this place is the clean and pure mountains and hills. It makes you feel like you want to stay there forever in a tiny wooden house surrounded by nothing but grass and cows.


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More than France itself, I am talking about South of France. The interesting thing with this country is that every single part is like a different country. Different culture, different food, different landscape.

In the North you will find beautiful chateaux, old houses, plain landscapes.

South is a bit different from that. In Provence {where I come from}, you will be amazed with lavender yards, vineyards, olive trees ... When midday arrives and sun hits the sky in summer, there is nothing better than enjoying it with a glass of Rose and watching the hills.

My favorite part of France, and not only because I come from there !


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As you all must know Oscar & Wild's little brother re-opened a month ago with a ...

Friday Crush {Imonni}

As you all must know Oscar & Wild's little brother re-opened a month ago with a brand new clothing range.

At O&W we pride ourselves on supporting Australian brands and introducing new Los Angeles labels. Our buyers take this role very seriously and do their best to bring you the most unique and stylish collections of the 21st century.

We are very happy with our Summer 14 ranges and are even luckier to be able to show you the coolest brands around Australia and the US.


So today, we are sharing with you our little crush on Australian label Imonni.

Imonni collections are feminine, casual, stylish and trendy. It is the go-to brand for fashion lovers. From knits to dresses, you can find any piece you need.

With our different tastes, we always agree on most their pieces, because Imonni can dress all women with any taste. It'll obviously work ! J.


Beautiful Knit $99,95


Stripes for Stars Shirt $89,95


Stripes For Stars Jacket $149,95




Much more to check in store at Shop 3, 4-14 Walpole Street, Kew

When you work in retail, one of the most exciting things ever is when new seasons arrive in store. I can't help ...

My Top 10 Favorite Spring/Summer 2014 Pieces

When you work in retail, one of the most exciting things ever is when new seasons arrive in store. I can't help going through boxes and trying to find the perfect piece to buy. I feel very lucky to work at Oscar & Wild and O&W boutiques. There is such a cool and unique choice of great pieces and brands that I can't but spend my money every week !

We all have a different taste and different styles (that's what makes fashion), and it is always pretty easy to find the one piece that matches our personality.

I get stuff from both shops, because I like to mix different looks, from a dressy top to distressed boyfriend jeans. Ok, everybody knows I am very casual, but I swear, I do buy dressy tops ! I just wear them with cool jeans and a leather jacket for a relaxed look.


So for you girls today, I've picked my 10 favorite Spring/Summer pieces from Oscar and O&W. Enjoy ! J.






Citizens Of Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jeans Ice $259,95

(available at Oscar & Wild Kew)



Citizens Of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Leatherette $319,95

(available at Oscar & Wild Kew)





BCBG Max Azria Bridgete Asymmetrical Top Royal Blue $300

(available at Oscar & Wild Camberwell)



Majestic Tropez Green Stripes Top $179,95

(available at Oscar & Wild Kew)



Rails Kendra Button-Down $170

(available at O&W)





Imonni Stripes For Stars Jacket $149,95

(available at O&W)



Wish Persuit Jacket Black $149,95

(available at O&W)



BCBG Max Azria Conrad Faux Leather Jacket $618

(available at Oscar & Wild Kew)





Free People Southern Cross Ankle Boots Black $369,95

(available at both Oscar & Wild Kew and O&W)



Status Anxiety Law Of the Wild Leather Bag Cheetah $169

(available at O&W)

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I am about to say something that is not surprising : I am a fashion lover ! I get an update of new trends every morning from ...

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 {Best Looks}

I am about to say something that is not surprising : I am a fashion lover ! I get an update of new trends every morning from my favorite fashion apps and blogs in Australia, Europe and the US. But when Fashion Week time comes, I am never this excited about all the new upcoming trends. Weird isn't it ?

Let me tell you something. What I love the most about Fashion Week is to stalk all bloggers and designers looks. This is how I get my inspiration from, more than the catwalk. I am a street style stalker ! I can already hear your next question : why ?

So here's my answer : watching runways is always interesting when you want to see what's the next unmissable trend (colours, shapes, looks ...). But I think it is not always easy to mix a runway piece to daily life, and bloggers are the perfect example of how to do it perfectly. 

I follow a lot of them such as Song of Style, Betty Autier, Chiara Ferragni ... They are my favorite because they have a perfect dress sense and are never too much when they mix brands, fabrics and colours.


I have picked some of my best looks from the Spring 15 Fashion Week. This is my runway ! J.


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I have to say I was very happy to have a weekend off. The weather was just amazing and I could feel ...

How To Spend A Sunny Day In Melbourne

I have to say I was very happy to have a weekend off. The weather was just amazing and I could feel spring was on its way on these days.

So after I had a look at the weather on my phone saturday morning, my friend and I decided to make the most of it by going to some different places in Melbourne.

We first decided to have a browse and some food at the Victoria Market in the city. My very first time and I was not disappointed. So many different things to see, from food to clothing and souvenirs. As soon as you enter the market, you can't help looking around and going back and forth not to miss anything. The place was so full, people everywhere buying fruits and vegetables, trying on a pair of sunglasses from one of those famous booths (I have to say I couldn't resist getting myself a pair !)

We ended up having some food in this little corner close to the main entrance. So many different types of food : Indian, Italian, Japanese ... And we couldn't leave the market without doing ourselves this favour : a hot jam donut from the white and blue van. They were just YUMMY !


After all this food, we decided do go towards Sydney Road in Brunswick. I like the atmosphere of this area. It's more grungy, with a punk and rock feel. I love it ! The street is full of bars and cafes, and warmth made us want to sit on a terrace with a nice coffee.

So we went to Toby's Estate. It's a lovely coffee shop off Sydney Road. A small outdoor with white wooden fences and a big indoor with a nice Italian grocery corner. From a coffee, my friend and I finally chose a milkshake !


I had such a lovely day, it was just great to relax and find new places to go for a sunny saturday.

I will sure find new places on my next sunny day off ! J.


(So sorry, some photos have not been taken by me as my camera got frozen !)


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Sydney Road, Brunswick (Photo Lou Peroni)


 At Toby's Estate (Photo Lou Peroni)


 Toby's estate (Photo Credit

Finding the right bag is as hard as finding the right pair of jeans we know we will keep for years. It is always a matter of ...

It's All About Status Anxiety

Finding the right bag is as hard as finding the right pair of jeans we know we will keep for years. It is always a matter of comfort, material, shape, print ... We want a piece that is timeless and that we can wear all the time for every moment of our daily life.

We have been looking for great accessories for a while and went through many brands until Status Anxiety caught our eye.

This Australian label creates the best leather goods in town. Every single piece has a story to tell and shows amazing skills. We love the colours and all details that were made to be handy yet stylish.

This season we focused on two things : style and comfort. We picked a range of wallets and two different bag styles, from the shopping bag to the satchel. 


We have even added a little extra, a man's wallet, so you are sure you and your beloved one can match your Status Anxiety accessories !


Shop at our brother store O&W by Oscar & Wild now and online soon.



Some Secret Place Leather Bag Black $279



Some Secret Place Leather Bag Grey $279



Law Of The Wild Cross Over Leather Bag Black $169



Law Of The Wild Cross Over Leather Bag Cheetah $169



Audrey Leather Wallet Emerald Green $85

(more colours in store)



Jonah Man's Leather Wallet Black $65

We were really excited about Ginger & Smart this season. Designers have worked so hard to show us an amazing range of summery dresses and ...

The Perfect LBD (Little Black Dress)

We were really excited about Ginger & Smart this season. Designers have worked so hard to show us an amazing range of summery dresses and we have to say we are not disapointed at all.

Summer or winter, we are always seeking the perfect LBD, and we have to say we found it.

Rhythm Addiction dress is THE piece every woman needs in their wardrobe. It's a classic knee length dress with touches of this something different we all want.

Rose gold zip at the front to add a bit of "hotness", belt to show curves in the most flattering way, silk to be able to wear it day and night, long sleeves to roll them up for a relaxed look.

There is actually nothing else we can say about the Rhythm Addiction dress, it is just perfect.


Ginger & Smart Rhythm Addiction dress $479






We are very excited at Oscar and Wild ! New Spring/Summer 14 has landed in store and it's one of ... {Read More}

BCBG Max Azria is in the house

We are very excited at Oscar and Wild ! New Spring/Summer 14 has landed in store and it's one of the best collections we've ever had. Awesome prints, colours nad shapes.

As usual, designer Max Azria didn't disappoint us and brings a touch of New York and French style with awesome jackets, dresses and tops.

Check him out at both our Kew and Camberwell stores.





10% OFF ALL items ONLY at O&W by Oscar & Wild

O&W by Oscar and Wild is now stocking the latest Australian fashion Designers!

Quote the word "Oscar" to get an introductory 10% OFF all items in store.
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Three days ONLY starting Thursday 28th-Sat 30th August!

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NEW! Selected BCBG Max Azria items in stores now...


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O&W by Oscar & Wild Leather Jackets...

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Dear Oscar & Wild Fans! 
We are having a flash SALE - 4 days only Wednesday 25th June till Saturday 28th June!

50% off all Winter Boots and Shoes and much more... 

A: 167 High St Kew 
P: (03)98538887

See you all at Oscar & Wild Kew Store!


Winter Sale started today up to 50%

Oscar & Wild Photo a Day Challenge - JUNE 2014

How to Play...



Joining the photo a day challenges is super easy and fun! The first rule is, there are no rules. It’s all about being creative and just getting involved. Everyone is welcome to play along. Yes, even you ;-)


Frequently asked Photo A Day questions


Can you tell me a bit about Photo A Day?

Photo A Day with Oscar & Wild started in June 2014. Every month we create a unique list of daily prompts and people all over the world take a daily photo, using the list as inspiration, and share it online. You can share where ever you please, the most popular places are Facebook and Instagram.


Why would I want to play?

It’s fun. It really is. It makes you take a little time each day to stop and take notice of what’s around you, as well as be a little creative. There’s also a rockin’ community of photo-sharers that like and comment on each others photos. Over 20 million photos have been shared to date, and even celebs like Pink, Dannii Minogue, Holly Madison and more have played along.


How do I share my photos?

If you’re playing on Instagram, just add the hashtag #OSCARANDWILD to your photos. 

If you’re sharing on Facebook, you can share on your own personal page, on the Oscar & Wild Facebook page

You can also share on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, on your blog or Google+.


I like to be nosey. How can I see other people’s photos? Please.

On Instagram, just search for the #OSCARANDWILD hashtag to see everyone’s photos. You can meet new friends and be part of the community by liking other photos and commenting.


Where I can find the monthly list of prompts?

The monthly challenge list is revealed on the 1st of every month. You can find it here on our blog. Or on Facebook & Instagram.


I missed a day, and I failed. What can I do?

Photo a day is all about having fun. So you skipped a day, so what? It doesn’t mean you have to fall off the photo-a-day bandwagon completely. You can either just pretend yesterday didn’t happen, or you can take two photos in one day. If you skipped a whole week, then just decide whether you want to make up some days or just start on the current day. Remember, there are no rules.


Can you help me create a challenge just like yours?

Unfortunately, no. All the best though.


Can you please email me the list each month? Or can I at least get a sneak peek of it early?

Unfortunately we can’t email everybody personally with the list, and we can’t share it early. On the 1st of the month we do send out a newsletter that links to the new list so you don’t miss out. You can sign up for the monthly newsletter here.

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