Patrizia Pepe Does It For A Good Cause

Today more than ever, we have to be aware of the world's uneasiness. Technology, money, business ..., they turned us into selfish, self-centered, unconscious people. The more money we get, the less other countries have.

In a world we should all have everything we need and not be missing a thing, millions of people die of starvation, diseases, illness, bad physical condition. It is important to turn around and be aware of what's happening in 2014.

Doing a good thing for people in need is one step out of a billion to help our world feel better.


This year, Patrizia Pepe, one of our best sellers in store has decided to offer its support to Doctors Without Borders. The brand will be allocating the Christmas gifts fund to the organisation's life-saving action in South Sudan which has among the highest mother and child mortality rates in the world. The aim of the action is to reduce infant mortality through free, high quality mother and child care. Patrizia Pepe's contribution will have a significant impact on the beneficiaries of the DWB's medical action.

- 12500 children will be vaccinated against measles, currently the leading cause, along with malnutrition, of mortality among children under the age of 5

- 100 expectant mothers will be able to give birth safely and save their child, through the purchase of medical kits containing medical instruments and supplies

- 37 severely malnourished children will benefit from a comprehensive life-saving treatment based on ready-to-use therapeutic food

- It will be possible to purchase a water purification kit , for a total of over 7000 litres of water, an essential means of preventing the spread of contagious and life-threatening diseases.


We are proud to support Patrizia Pepe in this gesture.

Make something count, help others.



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