Tuesday Focus - Paige Denim

Our executive buyer was on a business trip to New York to attend unmissable Coterie event. Coterie is a massive meeting for retail businesses : more than 1000 brands show their new collections to introduce who they are to new countries/cities and stock their products in new boutiques.

A lot of these labels are coming to O&W and Oscar & Wild soon, and one of the first ones that arrived is Paige Denim. Pretty popular in the US, this brand is quite new to us but we now understand why it is so loved by best bloggers and celebrities. Founder Paige Adams-Geller has created a unique denim brand for every women.

Paige Denim has this one thing : every single pair of jeans is made out of an incredible fabric that lives with you and doesn't stretch !


We couldn't wait to get ours, and on the top of it, we are even more excited to get what's to come next : denim jackets.


In store now at :

- O&W by Oscar & Wild Shop 3, 4-14 Walpole Street, 3101 KEW

- Oscar & Wild 167 High Street, 3101 KEW


Edgemont Skinny Jeans With Zips $319 At Our Kew Store


 Hoxton Skinny Jeans $279 At O&W


 Margot Black Skinny Jeans $269 At O&W


 Vermont Denim Jacket Coming Soon ...

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