We Love : Baum Und Pferdgarten {Copenhagen}

If you follow us on Instagram, you must have noticed several pictures featuring a new brand we just got in : Baum Und Pferdgarten. We are having a big crush on this Copenhagen based label founded in 1999 by friends Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave.

European brands have this thing different from others : subtle, structured, feminine yet comfortable {and casual} pieces. There is so much more we could say about European fashion. Baum is a mix of all these. They have this avant-garde sense of fashion and use it for their collections.


We have spent time finding the right pieces to get for both our Kew and Camberwell stores. As this label is new to us, we wanted to get the best outfits to make you stand out. From suit jackets to pencil skirts, we have made a selection of what fashion in Europe has best to offer.

Our favorite today : the suit. Feminine, flattering, boyish ... It's all you need.



Autumn/Winter 2014



Black Top and Pine Pants available at our Kew And Camberwell Stores



Top And Skirt Available At Our Camberwell Store (Black Version At Our Kew Store)



Jacket Available At Our Kew Store (Pine Version Available At our Camberwell Store)


More to see in store ...

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