City Pick : Stockholm {City Of Fashion}

We know top 3 of fashion cities in the world is New York, Paris and Milan. But what we do not know is there are a lot more places where fashion gets to a high-end taste and style.

Out of these main cities, there is one we can not miss as fashion lovers : STOCKHOLM. This city of 2.2 million inhabitants and capital of Sweden is the go-to place for the best styles of the century. Once again, we are not talking about runways and new designers collections for the coming seasons, but about street style.

Stockholm is the kind of place where you won't find anyone looking the same. From colourful skirts to a full black outfit, every single person has their own style and is proud to show it. It is very interesting to look for new inspiration and get to something we would not expect. These guys mix prints, fabrics, winter and summer clothes ..., and it works amazingly !

It is finally this thing that will always blow us away : everybody dares be different. They all create their own style and are the most unique ans stylish people ever.


Next trip : Stockholm ! Scroll down this post and find out who wears what and how. From women to men, we have selected the coolest outfits of 2014. 


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