Weekend Escapade : Phillip Island

Weekends are always a good time to go for a little escapade. We all need this kind of moment, away from work, daily life and more than everything else, away from a busy city.

Phillip Island is the one place to go for two main reasons : only 2 hours away from Melbourne (which is perfect if you don't want to go too far) and the landscape and town make you feel like you are in another country.

This quiet little island is a peaceful area, close to beautiful surfer beaches and the wildlife. But as it is a pretty small place, what are the interesting things to do ? Where are the nice spots to go ?


Here's what you can do in a two days time :

The town is not very big, so there is obviously not a lot of restaurants and coffee shops. But you'll see there are a few in Cowes (north of the island). The Hotel is basically the main place as it is a restaurant, pub and it welcomes live bands and DJs on Saturday nights.

Mad Cowes Cafe is a lovely place to go for a nice breakfast. Close to the beach, it is a relaxing spot with good coffee.

If you want to move a little bit around, definitely go to Smiths and Surfer Beaches. They are the one place for ocean lovers. A beautiful view and a great area if you want to take nice photos.

Don't miss the Koala Wildlife Park. You will see koalas in their natural environment and can approach them (but can't touch them). We felt like kids being so close to these little animals !

Also go to the Seal Rocks, you will get a chance to see these big seals living there, such a nice moment.

And obviously, go see the Penguins Parade ! It is the main attraction of Phillip Island. At 7:30pm, these lovely animals go out and walk through the beach. An amazing spectacle we didn't get a chance to do this time.

But our next trip to Phillip Island will start with it !

Then on your way back, stop at Wolamai beach. A stunning and breathtaking beach with an incredible view !


Enjoy our trip with us with these photos we were happy to take home and feel free to share your trip to Phillip Island with us !


All photos are Oscar & Wild property and may not be used or copied.




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