9 Amazing Places In The World {You Have To See}

If there was only one thing life would allow me to do I would chose travel. There is nothing more incredible and enlightening than flying around the world.

It is crazy to see how many unreal places there is on Earth. I would love to take more time to travel and discover breathtaking landscapes and amazing cultures, I think this is one of the reasons why we are alive.

I went on a few trips in my life, but not as much as I want to. I still feel pretty lucky that I had the opportunity to leave my country and go see different places. But my little travels are nothing compare to what the world has to show us.


More than cities, what make a country's identity and history are landscapes. They tell you so much about this place you are discovering. Meeting lakes, mountains, hills, beaches, forests ... is such a reward and it makes you pride yourself on making this decision to pack your bags and go.

Why don't we all do this once in our lifetime ? Pick one place, pack our bags, book a ticket and off we go !


I've been through my own experience, what I know and the Internet {obviously !} to find 9 amazing places in the world I'd love to see {or have seen}.

I hope you'll love them too and that it'll give you some ideas about your next holidays :) J.



I have been living in Australia for 2 years and I still haven't been to the outback. I would die to drive a car on these endless roads and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Australia is one of the most amazing countries for its landscape. A place overwhelmed by the desert and its red surroundings. One of the most incredible places to see, a dream that comes true.


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It took me a while to find the perfect shot of the place I had in mind and dreams. And I think I did pretty well !

With harsch winters in most parts of the country, Canada is one of the most fantastic places to see for its outback. Lakes and forests are the main attraction in all territories as the trees and rivers make a a peaceful and relax landscape.


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3. USA

There would be so much to say about the United States Of America. The country is full of amazing places and landscapes, it would take a long time to see them all.

As an old country with a prominent history and culture, America is plentiful of mountains, hills and deserts.

This picture shows a fall in Tennessee overlooking hills and woods. As Colorado Mountains, this is a must see in this state.


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Located in South America, Peru is the third largest country in this part of the continent with a surface area of 1 285 220 km2.

The history of Peru started in 9000 BC and is well know for the Inca Empire.

If you get a chance to go to Peru, go see the Macchu Picchu {photo below}, a 15th-century Inca site located 2430 metres above sea level constructed during the period of two great Incas and that was abandoned 100 years later.


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With a population of over 1.35 billion, China is the most inhabited country in the world. 

The Chinese culture started from the 17th century BCE and is very popular for the Imperial dynasty that started 220 BCE.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in China is its mountains and rice growings.


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Located at the Southern end of America, Patagonia is a region shared by Argentina and Chile. 

I have to say I barely hear about Patagonia, wether it is in the news, in newspapers or on TV. But I fell in love with this amazing landscape and will book a ticket to go there someday !


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Morocco is a small country located in North Africa close to Algeria and Tunisia. It is a very warm and welcoming country full of a strong culture.

Marrakech is the go-to city to relax in luxury hotels and enjoy a massage whilst drinking some home-made green tea with mint leaves.

But there is one thing not to miss apart from a pure and white room with air con : the desert. Do yourself a favor and book a day trip in the desert with locals and discover this quiet and peaceful part of the country. Breathtaking !


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Switzerland is a very small country located in Europe at the border of France, Italy and Germany.

I am European, and I have never been to Switzerland ! What surprises me with this place is the clean and pure mountains and hills. It makes you feel like you want to stay there forever in a tiny wooden house surrounded by nothing but grass and cows.


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More than France itself, I am talking about South of France. The interesting thing with this country is that every single part is like a different country. Different culture, different food, different landscape.

In the North you will find beautiful chateaux, old houses, plain landscapes.

South is a bit different from that. In Provence {where I come from}, you will be amazed with lavender yards, vineyards, olive trees ... When midday arrives and sun hits the sky in summer, there is nothing better than enjoying it with a glass of Rose and watching the hills.

My favorite part of France, and not only because I come from there !


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