Our 7 Best Breakfast Spots In Melbourne

Melbourne = coffee shops overload. There are so many places to enjoy a good coffee and some nice food we get completely confused. One suburb includes more than 100 coffee shops and restaurants ! How to not get lost ?

The thing we hate is spend hours walking in the streets, looking at menus, going back and forth and never knowing where we want to go. Time goes and after an hour, we are still here, starving and desperately in need of a coffee.

We know this feeling too well and want to help you a bit with 7 of our favourite spots. From St Kilda to Brunswick, discover the best of Melbourne coffees and foods, and the most unique decors and atmospheres ! 


1) MASTIC, Kew

Mastic opened a month or so ago and belongs to Hellenic Republic, George Calombaris' Master Chef judge restaurant. This little cafe is a definite must go for its industrial and warm decoration ! As breakfast, Mastic's granola is a pure obsession with a mix of cereals, grains and a smooth yogurt. Get yourself a cappuccino for the soft foam and delightful taste of it in one of their design and cute little cups.

Mastic, 26 Cotham Road, Kew 3101


2) JOURNEYMAN, Chapel Street

Chapel Street is basically one of our favourite ever spots for food. There is always a nice place to go that will leave us speechless for either decoration or taste. Journeyman has got everything !

We fell in love with the industrial deco (again) and love this cool atmosphere with big long tables everyone can share.

Order a Crispy Pork Croquette from the breakfast menu : two pieces of pork on toasted muffins with hollandaise sauce. Yum !

Journeyman, 169 Chapel Street, Windsor 3181



Galleon has got everything : a cute 60/70's atmosphere, great food and drinks, perfect location near the ocean. On a sunny warm day, have a seat outside and enjoy the sunlight with some fresh milkshake.

Our breakfast combo : caramel milkshake and smoked salmon and avocado bagel. Just perfect !

Galleon cafe, 9 Carlisle Street, St Kilda 3182


4) DEAD MAN ESPRESSO, South Melbourne

South Melbourne is a very peaceful, relaxed suburb of Melbourne. A nice day in South Melbourne goes with a walk through the market, some good shopping and a breakfast/lunch at Dead Man Espresso. Located off Clarendon Street, Dead Man found the perfect location : quiet and sunny.

Wether you seat in or outside, you will be amazed by the atmosphere and decor. Cappuccino, latte, strong coffee, every drink tastes amazing ! For a late breaky, try the green pancakes, a delicious mix of veggies with poached eggs and salmon.

Dead Man Espresso, 35 Market Street, South Melbourne 3205


5) Beaver's Tail Social Club, St Kilda

Owned by a lovely couple, Beaver's Tail is a must-go spot in St Kilda. Locals like to have a coffee/breakfast before work and lunch on a full work day, and tourists are always delighted to grab a latte before a long going around day.

Everyone knows Beaver's Tail in St Kilda for the couple's warmth and kindness but also for their great coffee and food. Our top 2 food : their special pastries and chicken/avocado sandwiches. 

Beaver's Tail Social Club, 160 Barkly Street, St Kilda 3182



This very industrial place is located right at the heart of Brunswick, close to Sydney Road and its live concert pubs. This big black box looking like a depot hides a huge space filled with long wooden tables and a very muted atmosphere. Coffees are a real delight and the house made crumpets with vanilla syrup take you to heaven !

Code Black Coffee, 15/17 Weston Street, Brunswick 3056



Rue De Creperie is this kind of shop that brings many memories back to your mind : the smell of hot crepes getting cooked, the childish decoration with cute drawings on the walls ... This new tiny little shop in Fitzroy will soon be your favourite spot for a Saturday breakfast or your weekly dinner out.

For some perfect sweetness, we suggest you to try the Wicked Snickers and Thailand crepes. Coconut, banana, caramel, vanilla ice cream ..., all the best of ingredients are mixed together for the best ever taste in your mouth.

Rue De Creperie, 360 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

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