Fashion : See The Difference {5 Looks, 5 Countries}

We have everything in this world to tell us what/who to follow. But fashion is not all about what you see, it's about what suits you, where you come from ...

You will notice fashion varies on the country you live in. Trends change every season, nothing is ever the same month to month, but it is even more obvious when you travel. We all have our own taste, even though we like to follow the latest magazines, designers ... Some pieces we like don't suit our figure and we have to go for something else, something that will highlight our body, our face, our look.

There is one thing that will always beat worldwide designers and magazines : culture. Every country has they own culture and this is where fashion comes from. You will notice looks are completely different wether you are in New York, Los Angeles or Buenos Aires. As we do not all get the chance to travel the world full time, go on the Internet and browse, it's interesting to see who wears what and where.


The world is made of more than 150 countries. As hard as it gets to find a look for each country, we have picked the 5 most influent cities/countries in fashion with 5 looks to make you feel how big the difference can be.

Follow what YOU like, not what people tell you to like.



French look is very dark. French women mix a lot grey, black and white and their look is always very subtle. They don't show too much, but always chose the right piece that will flatter their bodyshape no matter what.





The London look is sometimes out there. Londoners like to mix colours, fabrics, prints and shapes. It can look funny and weird, but they know exactly what they do and the final outfit is always a great look. London people have their own taste and make fashion their own way, you will never see one person wearing the same knit as another one and that's the thing with this city : uniqueness.



Los Angeles, USA

In LA it's 30 degrees pretty much all the time so it gets tricky to dress for winter (but they do have a winter). Summer look is is the best to see the difference with other countries. The West Coast is a lot into a gypsy, hippie lifestyle and fashion naturally follows this life.



Buenos Aires, BRAZIL

Buenos Aires is the 'caliente' city. Brazilians love to dress up and show their perfect figure. They are very feminine and know what to wear, with a mix of colours and shapes. They do keep a latin and relax look, with a bit of hippie influence.



Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Melbournian women are very trendy. They follow the latest magazines but know what to wear and when. The one thing with Melbourne fashion is colours and shapes. Most melbourne girls want to stand out and wear bright colours with fitted dresses or tops. They always keep a very feminine look and brighten up their pieces with make up.


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