Minoo's Laser and Beauty Studio

The answer to all your beauty woes is Minoo's Laser & Beauty Studio!
 Whether it's for a freshen up or expert advice on how to achieve a
 perfect complexion, Minoo's is a one stop shop. Conveniently located
 in the heart of Collins Street, this fabulous paramedical clinic
 offers a range of skin and body treatments ranging from Jetpeel
 treatment to laser hair removal to fast track your way to a flawless
 complexion and smooth, hair free body. The team at Minoo's are highly
 trained Dermal Clinicians and Consultants so you're always in the best
 possible hands. Visit or contact their
 friendly team on 03 9654 7562.

 Products include

 RED-LESS 21 by Aspect

 Facial Redness? Skin sensitivity? Chronically dry skin? If you
 identify with any or all of these common signs of stressed out skin,
 help has finally arrived! Redless 21 is a very serious cosmetic
 corrective with the power to comfort and relieve the look and feel of
 skin on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Apply just a few drop and
 within minutes skin feels relaxed, hydrated and less tight as though a
 fire has been extinguished. The secret to Red-Less 21 lies in its
 synergisic blend of 21 completely natural face saving botanicals,
 herbs, vitamins and extracts. Red-Less 21 retails for $93.00.
 REFINE by Cosmedix


 This potent Vitamin A-based refinishing preparation that can
 dramatically smooth away the look of fine lines, plump out the
 appearance of deeper wrinkles, promote a more elastic, firmer skin
 texture and clarify the appearance of superficial skin damage. Refine
 contains the unique AGP complex designed to trick the skin into
 behaving like a young skin again but without the normal irritation
 typically associated with traditional Vitamin A preparations. Refine
 will restore a healthy glow to a sallow devitalised complexion - the
 list of benefits is endless! Refine retails for $115.

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