Vogue 1969 - Location Iran

Iran has had a great influence over Oscar & Wild's aesthetic, being the heritage of our founder and director Paloma Hatami. Our stores architectural interiors draw from the Mushrubia patterns (a repeated geometric pattern) commonly seen in Middle Eastern countries including Iran. We found these amazing photos from a Vogue shoot in 1969 in some of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The mirrored interiors seen in some of these images are hundreds of years old have heavily influenced current trends in modern architecture. Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran (Persia as some know it) there was no requirement for women to wear the Hijab. Hence these photos are quite nostalgic in the locations, fashion and the era that once was. One of the photos is of the empress of Iran, Farah Diba Pahlavi who was the beacon of style and elegance around the World. We absolutely love the jacket she is photographed in, which could be from Valentino (one of her favourite designers). The style of the Jacket is what has become the latest trend in Aztec and embroided colourful patterns. The other photos are from a series of locations in Shiraz (South of Iran where the Shiraz grape comes from), and Isfehan (arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the World). If you are adventurous, visit Iran. The natural, serene and beautiful wonders of the country side and old historic relics, some of them dating back to 5000 years ago, make the experience worthwhile. 


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