Destination Journey

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”


Oscar and Wild proudly presents the photographic work of the very talented

Jason Blake in his debut exhibition “Destination Journey”. Although this is

Blake’s first exhibit, you would be excused for thinking that he has years of

experience exhibiting. Blake’s unique eye for detail and light, illustrated an

innate talent for photography, which could only be described as “natural”.

Blake draws his inspiration from architecture, lines and graphics, which

are often derived from nature, or simply man made structures and forms

often exaggerated in colour for an emotive response. The surprising

element of these photographs is the fact that they were all captured using

an iphone. “The iphone has been a technical and aesthetic challenge; its

advantage is that it is always with me”.

“Destination journey is a reflection of the images taken, with an emphasis on

my daily travels in life. It’s about taking time, pausing, allowing myself to see

and then feeling what I see. There is a destination, but savor the journey!”

You can see more of Jasons Work at the photonet gallery, 15a Railway Place

Fairfield, ph: 90183081.

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