How To Perfectly Layer Your Winter Outfit

Layering isn't always the easiest of things to get right when putting together your winter outfit. Its an art form in itself and takes lots of time and practice to work out what goes together and what doesn't. Below are some steps to help you get the perfect winter layering look.

Working your way from the bottom.......

1. Start with a great pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings paired with ankle or long boots. (When layering, its always best to have your jeans or pants fitted so it balances out the top layers)

And working your way to the top....

2. Begin with a basic layer such as a long sleeve top. (Look for a basic that has a wool/cotton blend that will be lightweight and thin, yet super warm)

3. Add a cardigan or sweater as your 2nd layer. (With your 1st and 2nd layer, dont be afraid to go for prints and bold colours to make them the focus)

4. Outwear is key, so throw on a jacket or vest. (Stick to basic colours when choosing either a jacket or vest as they will pair with everything you put with them and not clash)

5. Last of all is to accessorise. A must have is a scarf, followed by jewellery and a classic bag.

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